Huawei HiSilicon launches new Yueying AI ISP image processing engine

According to the latest information, at the China International Public Security Expo (China International Expo for short), Huawei Shanghai HiSilicon presented the Yueying AI ISP to the industry: a new generation of intelligent image processing engine for IoT smart terminals.

As per the details, HiSilicon Yueying is a new generation of image processing engine (ISP) that introduces AI, which realizes the deep integration of image quality technology, AI technology, establishes a new benchmark for image quality, and also represents a new industry technology.

HiSilicon moved the Dark Light Image Laboratory into the AMB Pavilion, allowing the public to experience the shocking effects of the latest black technology in an immersive manner. In the darkroom experience zone where “five fingers can’t be seen”, one of Yueying’s key capabilities, super-sensitivity noise reduction, uses neural network deep learning to achieve intelligent noise reduction in low-light scenes, leading the industry in image quality and clarity.

The HiSilicon intelligent analysis engine is composed of NPU (Neural Network Processing Unit, Neural Network Processor) and VPU (Vector Processing Unit, Vector Processing Unit). The two are deeply integrated and have complementary advantages to efficiently enable end-to-end AI solutions. The new generation of end-side NPU adopts a brand-new architecture and realizes PPA (Performance, Power, Area) leadership through software and hardware collaboration.

Yueying AI ISP image processing engine Yueying AI ISP image processing engine-1 Yueying AI ISP image processing engine-2


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