Huawei HMS Core beta supports Android 12

Huawei HMS Core beta version released with an IAP test application. The HMS Core version has a download size of 38.6MB; the IAP test application version has a download size of 2.8MB.

According to reports, HMS Core is a collection of Huawei’s terminal cloud service open capabilities, helping you build high-quality applications efficiently. Provide basic services such as HUAWEI ID, in-app payment, and location services.

In this public test task, a total of 2 applications to be tested were released, namely HMS Core and IAP test applications. HMS Core optimizes some functions of services such as Huawei account and in-app payment. The IAP test application is a virtual application and is only used to test the use of in-app payment. It is a non-commercial version.

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Test recommendations:

1. Optimize the display of the payment result page; purchase “repeatable” and “only purchase once” products through the IAP test application, and add an ad banner display on the payment success result page. After clicking the banner, you will be successfully redirected to the link page;

2. Optimized cashier function; purchase “repetitive purchase” or “only one purchase” products through the IAP test application, and no payment will be made after the cashier is pulled up. When you exit the cashier, the system will randomly present discounts or coupons. You can use the promotional amount or coupons to continue to complete the payment;

Note: If the current order has already used other discounts, the discount will not be triggered; the same user can receive up to 5 discounts during the public test campaign.

3. The payment process is optimized for users without real-name authentication; users without real-name authentication, who purchase goods through the IAP test application, will verify the user’s real-name authentication status when paying, and users can choose to complete the real-name authentication immediately.

4. HMS Core now supports Android 12 system; if your mobile phone is Android 12 system, you can experience services such as Huawei account and in-app payment.

Huawei HMS Core beta

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