PUBG is now available on AppGallery

Here is the piece of good news coming up from Huawei’s official App store AppGallery. According to the information, PUBG which users have been waiting for and wanted for a long time is now in AppGallery.

Making this listing may help other companies also to list the new games on AppGallery as well. We anticipate that 2022 will be a great year for the AppGallery / HMS ecosystem.

Users of Huawei phones are now can easily install the PUBG game in AppGallery, they will be able to make their payments without any problems, and they will be able to benefit from Huawei-specific performance settings.

PUBG is currently live in AppGallery in “pre-order” format. Pre-order is a feature that allows the game to be automatically installed on your device when it is released. You can get help with the screenshots we will present on how you can do this.

1-) Click on AppGallery, then find Games. Find pre-order games by gently scrolling down. PUBG is already at the top right now.

2-) You can click on PUBG or directly click on the “Pre-Order” button. Contrary to the sentence definition, you are not charged for this transaction, it is a free transaction. You can think of it as a reservation.

PUBG is now available on AppGallery

PUBG is now available on AppGallery-1


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