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Huawei HMS Core covers 600 million users

Huawei HMS Core

Yesterday, Huawei officially released HMS Core 4.0 worldwide, now according to the official Weibo account of Huawei Developers Union, it released a picture explaining Huawei HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) Core 4.0 in detail.

The highlights of HMS Core:

1. Global distribution: 170+ countries / regions, covering 600 million users.

2. Cost savings: free to start, easy to use, from development to listing, one-stop service experience

3. Safe and reliable: follow GAPP, GDPR, and local regulations

4. Accurate reach: 400 million monthly users in the application market, multiple push methods based on user behavior.

5. Developer Ecology: More than 55,000 apps already use HMS Core services.

HMS Core is a collection of Huawei terminal cloud service and mobile service open capabilities. It is a platform that provides basic services for application development.

HMS Core 4.0 features:

  • Huawei accounts,
  • Payment,
  • Analysis,
  • Cloud space,
  • Game services
  • Machine-learning services,
  • Context-aware services,
  • Unified code scanning services,
  • Short-range communication services,
  • Panoramic services,
  • Security detection services,
  • Dynamic tag manager services,
  • Online rapid authentication services,
  • Location services
  • Digital rights services
  • Sports health services
  • User identity services, etc.
Huawei HMS Core

Huawei HMS Core


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