Huawei HMS Core covers 600 million users

Yesterday, Huawei officially released HMS Core 4.0 worldwide, now according to the official Weibo account of Huawei Developers Union, it released a picture explaining Huawei HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) Core 4.0 in detail.

The highlights of HMS Core:

1. Global distribution: 170+ countries / regions, covering 600 million users.

2. Cost savings: free to start, easy to use, from development to listing, one-stop service experience

3. Safe and reliable: follow GAPP, GDPR, and local regulations

4. Accurate reach: 400 million monthly users in the application market, multiple push methods based on user behavior.

5. Developer Ecology: More than 55,000 apps already use HMS Core services.

HMS Core is a collection of Huawei terminal cloud service and mobile service open capabilities. It is a platform that provides basic services for application development.

HMS Core 4.0 features:

  • Huawei accounts,
  • Payment,
  • Analysis,
  • Cloud space,
  • Game services
  • Machine-learning services,
  • Context-aware services,
  • Unified code scanning services,
  • Short-range communication services,
  • Panoramic services,
  • Security detection services,
  • Dynamic tag manager services,
  • Online rapid authentication services,
  • Location services
  • Digital rights services
  • Sports health services
  • User identity services, etc.
Huawei HMS Core
Huawei HMS Core

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