Huawei Hu Houkun: To achieve an immersive experience for cloud XR services

At the 2021 China Unicom Partner Conference, Huawei’s rotating chairman Hu Houkun delivered a keynote speech on the spot, stating that network connectivity, as the foundation of digital infrastructure.

Hu Houkun pointed out that the first thing to do is to provide faster connections. The user’s pursuit of experience is endless, which places higher demands on the network.

Hu Houkun took the cloud XR service as an example. To achieve an immersive experience, a delay of no more than 10ms and a downlink rate of no less than 4Gbps are required.

According to reports, the connection should expand the scope of the connection object. According to the forecast of Huawei’s Global Industry Outlook report, by 2030, the total number of global connections will exceed 200 billion. Hu Houkun also said that the connection should be smarter, safer and more reliable, and should take a low-carbon balanced development path.

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