Huawei launched Squid app for news

Huawei brings another Google app replacement for its smartphone users. User’s who missing a news section on their smartphone, the company has now a Squid app, that will provide news on Huawei smartphones in the future.

Squid is the perfect alternative to Google News. Using this app, the news should land on Huawei’s smartphones in the future. The news will also be found in the Huawei browser and the Huawei Assistant. Squid offers 29 different languages ​​to choose from. And if you don’t have a smartphone from Huawei, you can of course also install the app from the Google Play Store.

SQUID App, a leading media technology company, has been selected as the news provider for Huawei smartphones in all European countries – Official statement.

SQUID becomes a content partner for the news feed in the Huawei browser and in the Huawei Assistant. The Huawei Assistant can be reached if users swipe to the right (minus 1 screen). Huawei Browser and Huawei Assistant users are provided with a recommended feed with news from various topics and a variety of publishers. Huawei Browser can already be downloaded from the Huawei AppGallery. Huawei Assistant will be available for future Huawei models but is now available for testing here.

“We are delighted that Huawei has chosen us as a partner to deliver the most interesting news to its smartphone users. Our goal is to inspire users to read more quality journalism while helping publishers get more traffic and revenue, ” said Johan Othelius, CEO and founder of the SQUID App.

SQUID App provides Huawei smartphone users with messages and content in 29 different languages. SQUID App aims to provide millennials with easy access to interesting and relevant news from trustworthy sources.


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