Huawei MeeTime App updated with version

According to the latest changelog, Huawei MeeTime App is now updated with version, and the latest update added support for sending red envelopes. As shown in the relevant screenshots, the “red envelope” function appears in the options below the MeeTime chat dialog box, but the status above is still “public testing”.

It is expected to be done through the payment capability of HMS Core and using Huawei Wallet. Previously, Huawei MeeTime also launched “Moment”, “MeeTime Space”, etc., users can share their mood dynamics and build exclusive group spaces. Similar to WeChat Moments.

Huawei announced in February last year that the MeeTime App was officially launched on the Huawei App Market. The MeeTime App is a full-scene device communication application provided by Huawei itself, providing Huawei users with audio and video between full-scene devices.

Huawei MeeTime App updated with -1 Huawei MeeTime App updated with

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