HarmonyOS new version: Huawei starts internal beta recruitment for the multi-screen collaboration function

Huawei has started to recruit internal beta users for the multi-screen collaboration function of the new version of HarmonyOS 2. Currently, only users of the Mate40 series, MatePad Pro, Huawei Smart Screen, FreeBuds4, and FreeBuds Pro can sign up.

1. The internal test version is the log version, and version rollback cannot be performed (this internal test period is 2-3 months, and 2 test versions are planned to be released. Please refer to the actual version for details. After the internal test, the nolog version will be pushed) , designed to test collaborative update feature releases.

;2. Please make sure your device is not rooted.

3. To sign up for pollen in this internal test, please make sure that the current device version is on the baseline version of the recruitment.

4. This internal test recruits pollen who hold multiple Huawei devices at the same time, including mobile phones (Mate40, Mate40 Pro), tablets (MatePad Pro), smart screens (Huawei Smart Screen V65 2021), Bluetooth headsets (FreeBuds 4, FreeBuds Pro), registered users need to hold at least two devices, one of which must be a mobile phone or tablet. The detailed model requirements are shown in the figure below.

5. If you have any questions or suggestions in the experience of the new version, please provide feedback through the bill of lading in the pre-built Betaclub App on your mobile phone or tablet.

Before billing, please update Betaclub to the latest version (update method: Betaclub > My > Version Update), please abide by the corresponding specification “Bill of Lading Guidance for the Betaclub Version of the Internal Beta Log” when making a bill of lading, so that R&D engineers can accurately obtain feedback on relevant issues.

Number of recruits: A total of 500 pollen recruits (500 pollen clubs + membership center) will be recruited, and the log version will be pushed, see the table below for details

Recruitment time: January 19, 2022 – January 24, 10:00.

HarmonyOS new version

HarmonyOS new version-1


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