Huawei MEETIME trademark lawsuit was rejected by the court of first instance

Huawei and the State Intellectual Property Office other first-instance administrative judgments were published, case number (2021) Jing 73 Xingchu No. 592, the trial court was Beijing Intellectual Property Court the result of the judgment was to dismiss the plaintiff’s claim of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

According to the judgment, the disputed trademark is a pure text trademark of “MEETIME” registered by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in July 2019.

Huawei claims that:

The disputed trademark is a contrived word with the meaning of “Mee Time”, and the cited trademark. There are obvious differences in meaning and overall visual effects, and they do not constitute similar marks. The registration of trademarks similar to the trademark in question has been approved and there are multiple sets of trademarks with only one letter difference and the registration is approved according to the same examination standards.

After a long period of publicity and use, the trademark in dispute has a certain reputation and has formed a unique correspondence with the plaintiff, which will not cause confusion or misidentification. In summary, the court is requested to revoke the decision of the defendant and order the defendant to make a new decision.

The court held that the disputed trademark was similar to the “MEETIME” part of the cited trademark, which constituted a similar trademark used on the same or similar services. The plaintiff’s claim lacked factual and legal basis, so the claim of the plaintiff Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was not supported.

Huawei introduced MeeTime in the new EMUI 10.1 version. MeeTime connects you with your family and friends at any time and anywhere with high-quality video calls. EMUI 10.1 MeeTime can help you share real-time with the action camera, you can also use MeeTime as a conference with everyone in view.

Huawei Meetime MeeTime Huawei

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