Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) goes official in China

Huawei has introduced its HMS so-called Huawei Mobile service in the parent country China. HMS includes useful applications for smartphones. For now, the company released two public beta applications — Huawei Mobile Services and HMS Core.

The new features on the app now include Huawei accounts, applications internal payment system, message notifications, wallet service, among others.

HMS core App: Games, Fido & Safety, Purchase, Identity, Scan, Nearby, ML, and other apps.

Huawei launched HMS due to the entity list which was happened a long time ago, User’s of Huawei smartphones also now cant able to use Google services including apps, etc. As per the data released by the company, as of August 2019, the HMS has grown rapidly and now over one million developers are using it with HMS Core having more than 450,00 apps on the platform.

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