Huawei Mobile Wallet officially launched the Peking University NFC campus card

According to the latest information, Peking University declared that it will officially launch the digital campus card service from September 1st, and at the same time start the NFC campus card public test.

According to reports, the Peking University mobile NFC campus card is a virtual campus card jointly developed by the campus card center, computing center and Huawei Wallet. After successfully opening the Peking University App, you can enjoy the following three advantages:

  • Fast-you can swipe your card without unlocking the phone with one touch
  • Full-access control/dining/consumption/book borrowing all-in-one card
  • Wisdom-Supports emergency card swiping offline and power-off

Note that, it does not support any third-party mobile phones for the time being. Peking University explained that the NFC campus card function needs the support of the mobile phone system. The only compatible products are Huawei mobile phones, which can be opened to more mobile phone brands in the future, and the opening timetable is not known for the time being.

Peking University NFC campus card

Meanwhile, the latest P series smartphones the Huawei P50 series supports cloud synchronization of access control cards. If your Huawei mobile phone does not support more than 90% of the access control card simulation, you can borrow a friend Huawei P50Pro to log in to your account, select the access control card to copy successfully and then you can synchronize.

Peking University NFC campus card


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