Huawei new processor leaked, can be used for face recognition

Huawei Kirin officially announced that new members of the Kirin chip family are about to debut. Huawei’s new Ling Xi/Rhino processor has been leaked, and a registered trademark has been applied for. The trademark application registered on September 24, 2019. The applicant is Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Trademark category includes, face recognition equipment; weight scales; scales with body mass analyzers; portable digital electronic scales; smartphones; downloadable mobile application software; downloadable emoji for mobile phones Recorded computer operation program; Large screen LCD display; Electronic; LCD display; Electronic pen; Video imaging printer; Computer stylus; Wearable motion tracker; Case for smartphone; Case for smartphone; Smartphone Screen-specific protective film; signal repeater; network communication equipment, etc.

Huawei new processor trademark apllication Huawei new processor trademark


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