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Huawei new processor leaked, can be used for face recognition

Huawei new processor leaked

Huawei Kirin officially announced that new members of the Kirin chip family are about to debut. Huawei’s new Ling Xi/Rhino processor has been leaked, and a registered trademark has been applied for. The trademark application registered on September 24, 2019. The applicant is Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Trademark category includes, face recognition equipment; weight scales; scales with body mass analyzers; portable digital electronic scales; smartphones; downloadable mobile application software; downloadable emoji for mobile phones Recorded computer operation program; Large screen LCD display; Electronic; LCD display; Electronic pen; Video imaging printer; Computer stylus; Wearable motion tracker; Case for smartphone; Case for smartphone; Smartphone Screen-specific protective film; signal repeater; network communication equipment, etc.

Huawei new processor trademark apllication Huawei new processor trademark



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