Huawei P40 Series: The latest generation of ultra-thin screen optical In-display fingerprint

Huawei P40 series uses the latest generation of in-screen fingerprints, which perfectly integrates the large screen and fingerprint unlocking. While pursuing the high appearance value of the mobile phone, it is also more convenient to unlock the screen, operate, and pay attention to fingerprints.

In-screen fingerprint unlocking is a hidden fingerprint design under the screen. Press the finger directly on the screen to unlock the designated area on the screen. The P40 uses the latest in-screen fingerprint technology, which uses the light emitted by the OLED screen to generate fingerprint images through the principles of light refraction and reflection.

P40 uses a special OLED screen, which can not only improve the overall display effect but also effectively reduce power consumption. At the same time, the fingerprint recognition icon can be displayed intelligently. When the mobile phone detects a lifting action or a touch action on the screen, the fingerprint recognition icon will be displayed intelligently to avoid power consumption.

Huawei added three new fingerprint animation in EMUI 10.1:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire

If you wondering how to enable or select the new fingerprint animation, just Go to Settings > Biometrics and passwords > Fingerprint ID, input your lock screen password as required, then touch Fingerprint animation to select your preferred option.

EMUI 10.1 new fingerprint animation
EMUI 10.1 new fingerprint animation

P40 Series In-display fingerprint



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