Huawei P50 and Mate 40 series are being tested as scheduled

According to the well-known tipster from Weibo (Changan Digital Jun) Two versions of Huawei Mate 40 series phones are being tested as scheduled and three versions of Huawei P50 series mobile phones have started testing.

The Huawei Mate 40 series to launch in the second half of this year and the Huawei P50 series early next year. A well-known tipster from Twitter (@evleaks) also shared the P50 and Mate 40 series test screenshot.

It ’s unclear how many new phones from these two new Huawei phones, but from the past situation, P50 should be a series, including P50, P50 Pro, and P50 Pro Plus, and Mate 40 may include Mate 40 and Mate 40 Plus, It will support 5G network.

Prior to this, a list of customers of TSMC’s 5nm process was exposed, including the name of the customer’s company and the specific chip that TSMC will manufacture for them. From the list of exposures, the 5nm process mentioned by TSMC, including the 5nm process N5 and the enhanced version of N5 +, covers the time period of 2020, 2021-2022.

Huawei P50 and Mate 40 series

Mate 40


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