Huawei: Package Level Systems are the future development trend of HPC

At the ICEPT 2021 International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology, Tonglong Zhang of Huawei delivered a keynote speech stating that package level systems are the future development trend of high-performance computing (HPC) and network switching systems.

There are currently three major development trends for HPC chips:

1. High data throughput for AI applications brings higher interconnect density requirements;
2. More chips are integrated in the package to improve computing power and bring super-large size Packaging requirements;
3. Optical data transmission between IC packages.

Under this trend, packaging-level system technology emerged at the historic moment, which is characterized by ultra-large-size packaging and ultra-wideband dual-mode interconnection, with higher interconnection density, higher data bandwidth, shorter interconnection distance, and lower interconnection distance. The energy consumption and cost of data transmission. Typical examples include TSMC’s InFO-SoW, NVIDIA’s ISSCC 2021 super-large package, and so on.

Package Level Systems



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