Huawei Petal Mail beta version released

According to the user’s information, Huawei has released a new beta version for Petal Mail. This version added the account selection function: you can choose different Petal Mail accounts when logging in, and you can log out of Petal Mail independently.

In addition, Huawei’s petal email address supports the use of English periods. It also fixes known issues and optimizes the user experience. Petal Mail, as the first official mailbox service launched by Huawei, aims to provide users with a more convenient and safe email receiving and sending experience. The interface of Petal Mailbox is clean and refreshing, which helps users process emails smoothly; users can also quickly process emails through multiple interactive methods such as sliding and tapping, such as email archiving, deletion, and marking.

Huawei Petal Mail beta version

Huawei Petal Mail Intro:

The official Petal Mail app helps you stay on top of your emails.
Key features:
-Your Petal Mail address can be used as your HUAWEI ID, so you can use it to access other Huawei services too. You’ll also be able to log in to your inbox using other verification methods linked to your HUAWEI ID (such as Face Recognition, Fingerprint ID, or SMS verification).
-Send and receive emails with ease, including cc’ing and bcc’ing, attaching files, and more.
-Manage your emails efficiently by swiping and tapping.
-Organize your inbox by starring, archiving, and deleting emails, marking spam emails, and more.
-Get real-time email reminders so you never miss a thing.

In addition, the petal email address can also be used directly as a Huawei account. Users only need to apply for the petal mailbox to use it as a Huawei account to enjoy Huawei’s high-quality services and log in to the petal mailbox with one key and no secret.


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