Huawei Petal Mail officially launched []

After nearly half a year, Huawei’s “Petal Mail” officially launched on the Huawei application market. Some users have rated it and provided 5 points. It is worth mentioning that this App seems to also support other Android phones.

Currently, the latest version of Huawei Petal Mail is, with a size of 16.24MB. The Petal Mail App is a very powerful official Huawei email application.

You can enjoy the following convenient experience:

  • The petal email address is the HUAWEI ID, one account can enjoy the high-quality services of HUAWEI, and login fast with one key and no secret
  • Smoothly send and receive emails, including copy/bcc, attachments, etc., with a clean and refreshing interface
  • Quickly process emails by swiping, tapping, etc.
  • Organize mail as you like by starring, archiving, deleting, marking spam, etc.
  • Real-time email reminder, don’t miss important emails.

In addition to the Petal Mailbox, Huawei also has a number of first-party “petal” series apps under test, so stay tuned.

Huawei Petal Mail Huawei PetalMail



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