Huawei Petal Mailbox version 2.0 public beta rolling out

Huawei has started rolling out the public beta version for the Petal Mailbox in the Huawei Member Center. The latest beta update package size is 27.9MB.

Petal Mailbox is Huawei’s own mailbox app, which supports one-click login with Huawei accounts. You can use swipe and tap to organize emails in various ways, such as email archiving, deleting, marking, etc. It also supports email translation functions, reading, and writing mail.

In the latest version 2.0, Huawei Mailbox already supports third-party mailbox logins such as QQ, 163, and Outlook. Users can easily switch accounts and send and receive emails within the app.

According to reports, the Petal Email address can be used directly as a Huawei account. Users only need to apply for opening Petal Email, they can use it as a Huawei account, enjoy Huawei’s high-quality services, and log in to Petal Email with one key and password-free speed.

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At the same time, the Huawei account can also open the petal mailbox with one click. The account is the mailbox. While using the account to enjoy Huawei’s high-quality services, users can also get a free mailbox service, and use the Huawei account to open the mailbox to send and receive emails.

Petal MailBox image Petal MailBox

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