Huawei Petal Speed Test App update adds network detection and network map

Huawei’s all-new Petal Speed ​​Test app getting a new version that brings amazing changes. The Huawei Petal Speed Test ​​App is a professional testing tool that integrates mobile network and WIFI network upload, download, and diagnosis functions.

The software has the characteristics of simple installation, convenient use, and accurate results. It can support operators’ 2G/3G/4G/5G networks, as well as WIFI network speed measurement.

Huawei Petal Speed Test ​​App changelog:

The following are the functional characteristics of petal speed measurement:

1. The installation package is small and the installation is quick.

2. The interface is simple and friendly, and it is very convenient to use, with one click and quick results.

3. Support automatic/manual search for test server;

4. The test result can display the name of the operator of the network to be tested and the city location where the test is located.

5. The results can show indicators such as Ping delay, upload and download rates, jitter, and packet loss rate.

6. Display the overall ranking of the test results for reference.

7. The test history is automatically saved on the mobile phone for subsequent queries.

Huawei Petal Speed Test ​​App -1
Huawei Petal Speed Test ​​App
Huawei Petal Speed Test ​​App
Huawei Petal Speed Test ​​App


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