Huawei phones with EMUI 10 opens app quickly

Huawei/Honor smartphones equipped with EMUI 10 can open applications within 90 seconds as compared to the other smartphone makers.

Recently, EMUI 10 is selected as the best editor’s choice. Huawei with EMUI 10 improving smartphone interface, that helps the user to correlated and adapt the performance easily. EMUI 10 brings the multi-screen collaboration function of EMUI 10 that breaks the barrier between Windows PC and Android mobile phones for the first time and realizes seamless collaboration between PC and mobile phones. The PC’s keyboard and mouse become peripherals of mobile phones, bringing an unprecedented innovative office experience.

The company has recently added a voice control countdown function in EMUI 10. To activate or use it, Users who have upgraded to EMUI 10 can now tell Xiaoyi to count down seconds, minutes or hours. Also, users can now command Xiaoyi to view, stop and continue the countdown.

Below, the image shows, Huawei phones with EMUI 10 opens app quickly (within 90 seconds), the Mate 30 is at the top.

EMUI 10 performance

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