Huawei published a Gamepad patent for control in VR games or virtual scenes

Huawei introduced so many patents this year and the count is continuously growing up. Now we have one more piece of patent information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published a “game controller” patent on May 4, with the publication number CN306513655S.

The brief description of the patent shows that the name of the design product is “Gamepad”, and its purpose is “mainly used for operation control in VR games or virtual scenes to achieve virtual interaction”. The patent also includes images that you can see below.

Gamepad patent -1 Gamepad patent-2 Gamepad patent-3 New Gamepad patent of Huawei

Earlier, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. also published a patent for “Capturing and Sharing Head-Mounted Display Content” with the publication number CN109076165B. Wherein, the virtual reality goggles include a goggles-shaped main body on which a plurality of cameras is installed. The display is supported by the goggles-shaped body.


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