Huawei published a patent for Vehicle Automatic Shading Technology

According to the information, on May 11, Huawei published a patent for “a method and shading system for digitalized automatic shading of vehicles” with the publication number CN112789185A.

As per the patent details, the present invention relates to the field of vehicle automatic shading technology, which is used for shading the light-transmitting component of the target vehicle, wherein the light-transmitting component of the target vehicle is provided with a dimming film.

Vehicle Automatic Shading Technology Patent Huawei

This method is modified on the existing car glass, and through multi-dimensional considerations, based on different users and use environments, it achieves the effect of dynamic shading and improves driving safety and comfort.

Vehicle Automatic Shading Technology Huawei Patent

Huawei is moving forward in-vehicle technology and has applied for a series of automotive-related patents such as autonomous driving, batteries, vehicle lighting, and emergency call methods.

At the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition this year, Huawei frequently appeared as a supplier and became a smart technology provider for many automakers.



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