Huawei publishes a patent for automatic driving to measure depth of stagnant water

As we know that the Automobiles are getting stronger as compare to the previous generation, and many life-oriented scenes are becoming more and more convenient. For example, when a driver drives through a section of stagnant water, he could only rely on Meng, or get off the car for measurement. Now, a patent filed by Huawei may solve this problem.

According to the information, Huawei published the invention patent of “A Method and Device for Determining the Depth of Water Accumulation”, the publication number is CN113168535A, and the registered data shows that the application date is March 2021.

The patent abstract shows that the embodiment of the present application provides a method for determining the depth of water accumulation so that the terminal does not need to be waded, and the depth of the water accumulation in the water accumulation area is measured, thereby avoiding the risk caused by the terminal wading. This method can be used for assisted driving and autonomous driving.

Huawei new patent for water



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