Huawei publishes a patent for Wireless Charging System

According to the information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently published a “wireless charging system” patent with the publication number CN112564295A. The summary of the patent shows that this application discloses a wireless charging system. It belongs to the field of wireless charging technology.

According to the patent description, the current wireless charging technology requires two coils to be placed directly opposite each other, and the distance needs to be very close to be able to charge, which greatly limits the application of wireless charging technology.

The latest patent shows, some of the iron, aluminum, copper, alloy materials, metal pipes, equipment metal shells, building metal structures, grounding grids, and other metals. It can also be humans, animals, soil, earth, seawater, etc. A

The agenda of this Huawei patent is to increase the equivalent coupling capacitance between the transmitting electrode and the receiving electrode, which can effectively increase the transmission power between the transmitting device and the receiving device, thereby realizing long-distance wireless charging, especially suitable for personal wear devices such as smart bracelets and watches . The following is the application demonstration diagram of the patent:

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