Huawei received Functional safety management certificate

The German TV Group Rheinland issued an ISO 26262 functional safety management certificate to Huawei MDC Intelligent Driving Computing Platform, which covers functional safety requirements planning, design, implementation, integration, verification, confirmation, and configuration.

This also means that Huawei MDC intelligent driving computing platform has been recognized by the automotive industry in terms of safety and is an important turning point in the development process.

Huawei’s MDC intelligent driving computing platform is based on self-developed Kunpeng CPU and Shengteng AI processor. It is equipped with self-developed intelligent driving OS and is an open standardized platform product. The computing platform can support the smooth evolution from L2 + advanced driver assistance to L5 autonomous driving.

According to Huawei’s previous announcement, Hongmeng is also expected to obtain car-standard certification in 2020.

Functional safety management certificate

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