Huawei responds to MWC 2020 cancellation decision

Yesterday, In a statement, GSMA CEO John Hoffman said the coronavirus outbreak has made it “impossible” to hold the event. MWC was scheduled to take place in Barcelona between February 24th and the 27th.

In response, Huawei said that the company respects this decision and also thanks to the organizers and the Spanish government for their efforts for this event.

Huawei stated that it will, as always, support MWC’s development in Barcelona. At the same time, Huawei will communicate with customers and partners through online and regional events to showcase Huawei’s leading products and solutions.

Huawei also previously warmed up MWC 2020 on Weibo and hinted through pictures that it will use this exhibition to release a series of new 5G terminal products including MateXs.

The MWC Mobile World Congress was first held in 1987 and after the 33 years, it is canceled for the first time due to the coronavirus concerns.

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