Huawei registered PETAL PAY trademark

Huawei this year adding lots of patents to its portfolio and now there is one more patent information coming out which is payment-related. According to the information, Huawei has applied for “Petal Pay” trademark, which has now acquired publication rights from the related patent authority with application number 55003481.

Recently, Cao Chong, president of the Global Financial Business Department of Huawei Enterprise BG confirmed that Huawei currently has no plans to enter the payment market and the company’s sole purpose is to help big companies to empower financial customers to achieve digital transformation.

PETAL PAY Trademark

In Huawei’s Petal family the company has already added Petal Vision, Petal Keyboard, Petal Assistant, Petal Translate, Petal Mail and it seems more trademarks will soon be added to the list. These all are Google’s alternatives.

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