Huawei released 5G+8K 3D VR end-to-end solution for 5.5G uplink ultra-broadband (UCBC)

According to the information, Huawei has now released a “5G+8K” 3D VR end-to-end solution for 5.5G uplink ultra-broadband (UCBC) evolution. As compared to traditional flat video, 8K 3D VR spatial video is closer to the real world in terms of clarity, color saturation, and bringing a 3D presentation experience .

8K 3D VR spatial video not only enables ordinary viewers to experience the world through entertainment videos, but also expected to become a new production element for the digital transformation of traditional industries in the industrial manufacturing field.

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Huawei said that with the evolution of 5.5G uplink ultra-broadband (UCBC) technology, 8K or even 12K camera front-end acquisition deployment will be rapidly popularized, and it will give birth to more uplink 100M+ or even higher rate applications.

At the same time, the development of 5.5G uplink ultra-broadband (UCBC) technology will also make media production no longer restricted by venues, and further enhance the efficiency of normalized media production.

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