Huawei publishes Intelligent Robot related patent for car purpose

On April 9, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published the “intelligent robot” design patent, the patent publication number is CN306450952S. The latest patent summary indicates that it will be placed in the car, the intelligent robot is used to interact with the driver from opening the door to getting out of the car.

This patent has an anthropomorphic robot shape and is expected to be placed above the center console, equipped with sensors such as a camera, which can rotate to interact with the driver. The patent states that the bottom of the product cannot be seen during use.

Huawei previously announced that it will not build cars, it has recently applied for a large number of patents related to electric vehicles, vehicle control, and navigation, which is conducive to improving the convenience and safety of car driving.

Huawei Intelligent Robot patent

Huawei Old Patent News:

Huawei publishes a patent for vehicle lighting control method and equipment

According to the latest information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published a patent for “Vehicle Lighting Control Method and Equipment” on April 2, with the publication number CN112601677A. Click here for more info.

Huawei’s patent on Stator Components, Motors and Electric Vehicles now approved

Over the past few months, we are getting several patent news from Huawei. Now, according to the latest information, on March 30, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was authorized to disclose patent information on “stator components, motors, and electric vehicles”, with the publication number CN212850004U. Check the full details here.

Huawei has applied for a patent for Foldable Electronic Equipment

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. announced the “Foldable Electronic Equipment and Folding Screen Installation Structure” patent information, the publication number is CN112466205A and it was registered in September 2019. Check the full details.

Huawei applied for two more patents in the field of autonomous driving [Lidar]

On March 5, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published two patents with the names of “a kind of lidar”, “training method for pedestrian re-recognition network, and pedestrian re-recognition network.” The publication numbers of the two patents are CN112444818A and CN112446270A respectively. Check full details here.

Huawei unveils its latest mobile phone design patent, full-screen smartphone coming?

According to the latest information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently published two “mobile phone” design patents, with the publication numbers CN306350871S and CN306350870S. Check full details here.

Huawei patents technology for mutual charging of cars

Huawei patent with application number CN107867186B titled as “Electric Vehicles and Methods of Charging Between Electric Vehicles”. The patent was filed in September 2016 and published on February 23, 2021. Check full details here.

Huawei applied for a patent in the medical devices

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd has applied for a new patent in the medical devices, it will be used in the ECG measuring. The latest Patent has need registered with a publication No. CN108601544B. Check full details here.

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