Huawei released the whole house smart solution, it will be commercialized in March 2021

Huawei has officially held a Whole House Smart and Smart Screen New Product Launch Conference, during the event Yu Chengdong, President of Huawei Consumer Business, officially released the whole house smart solution. Huawei’s all-house smart ALL IN ONE solution covers lighting systems, security systems, air systems, water systems, music systems, and perception systems. The whole house smart solution will be officially commercialized in March next year.

According to Yu Chengdong some of the existing smart homes are pseudo-intelligence the company will improve traditional networking, experience, ecology and channels of the smart home field. The product will work as a family.

In terms of networking, traditional home smart networks face four major challenges: complex networking, high installation (commissioning costs), difficult maintenance, and high-quality personnel requirements. Huawei’s whole-house smart hosts are highly integrated, modular, intelligent, and scalable.  In addition, Huawei’s whole-house smart host opened Hongmeng’s 10,000+ APIs to build a total of 100,000+ home scenarios.

Huawei’s whole-house smart system consists of power lines and home ultra-broadband backbone networks, which are integrated through the Huawei Smart Life App. It sounds deeper than the combination of Mijia.

In addition, Yu Chengdong revealed that Huawei’s HiLink ecosystem currently covers 150+ categories, 4000+ SKUs, 800+ partners, and 220 million+ IoT devices.

In terms of channels, Huawei will build diversified channels for the consumer experience. Covering real estate companies (China Overseas Land, China Resources Land, etc.), home improvement channels (Jianzhijia, Opai, etc.).

Yu Chengdong: “Huawei smart screens are often new and will not be out of date in ten years”! Relying on the distributed capabilities of Hongmeng OS, the four major functions of smart interaction, cross-screen experience, IoT control, and audio-visual entertainment can be achieved without outdated experience.No wonder the date on the previous warm-up animation has jumped from 2020 to 2030, which is the original meaning.

Also, Huawei’s in-car smart screen is officially unveiled. It is manufactured by DingDiaoPai. It is equipped with an 8.9-inch 1920*720 touch screen, 230ppi, a maximum brightness of 700nit, and a lift-type interactive camera. It supports connection to car audio (Bluetooth, cable connection) and full interface Voice control, currently supports 30+ applications.​​​

Meanwhile, Huawei Smart Screen S also launched. Previously there were X series (top technology, equivalent to Mate) and V series (cinema audio and picture, equivalent to P series). The S series represents the young trend and is equivalent to the nova series, including S55, S65 Pro, S75 Pro three models.

Huawei S Series Smart Screen S Series Huawei

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