Huawei releases a new Smart Micro Module 5.0 data center solution

Huawei has officially released a new generation of modular data center-Smart Micro Module 5.0 solution at the Digital Energy China Tour 2020 – Beijing Station. It includes Huawei’s self-developed smart lithium battery SmartLi realizes full lithium battery backup.

Huawei stated that the theme of the smart micromodule 5.0 solution released this time is “intelligence” to lead DC, and “lithium” should be used to build a new height of modular data center intelligence.

The Smart Micro Module 5.0 solution is based on SmartLi Inside, smart large-screen “digital twins” and AI-Robot intelligent operation and maintenance to create a smart, and secure data center.

According to the customer’s actual scenario, lithium batteries can be included in the column, and SmartLi Inside supports lithium batteries in the column micro-module, without a separate battery room.

Smart micro-module 5.0 is equipped with a 43-inch local touch screen, which deeply integrates ICT technology, AI algorithms, intelligent communication, infrastructure, and integrates physical micro-modules into a “digital twin”. It also features i3 (iPower, ICooling, iManager) visual display:

iPower: Visible data center power distribution links, and key modules to the system.

icooling: The cooling link is visible, AI cooling energy efficiency is optimized, and PUE is reduced by 8%-15%.

iManager: The data center is globally visible, reducing operation and maintenance costs by 35%;

In addition, it can also support face recognition to realize door opening and management system login. The goal is to display intelligent features to customers in a explicit and intuitive manner, and to maximize help customers reduce the difficulty and cost of operation and maintenance.

An intelligent micromodule 5.0 supports inspections with the help of AI-Robot. The AI ​​intelligent recognition can realize the status indicator of the air switch, AI abnormal noise, AI asset images, temperature cloud maps, deployment-free assets, and more.

Smart Micro Module 5.0 AI


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