Huawei releases smart gas station solutions

Huawei has recently released a smart gas station solution. The mobile phone screen will display the owner’s information, the fuel dispenser, and the gasoline model added. After refueling, you don’t need to get out of the car and go to the convenience store to pay. Instead, you can select cash, fuel card, bank card, WeChat and Alipay by tapping on the mobile phone screen. And other payment methods.

Huawei Atlas500 smart station and SDC software-defined camera bring edge smart brains to gas stations and play the role of “smart sentry”. It can accurately collect and identify all the characteristic information of inbound vehicles, including license plates, vehicle logos, models, colors, etc., and perform intelligent analysis, accurately correlate the “vehicle-lane-fuel gun”, so as to realize the automation of refueling and payment.

Huawei releases smart gas station solutions

In the smart gas station built by Huawei, if it is a registered member vehicle, the smart big screen will display the member’s basic information and fueling habits, including fuel product, amount, etc., and automatically allocate available fuel guns.

After refueling, the owner can drive away directly, the system will automatically pay according to the amount of refueling, and the owner can issue an electronic invoice in the App or Mini Program.


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