Huawei renamed its popular apps: Huawei health is now Petal Health and more

Huawei has renamed its popular apps on the Play Store. Currently, there is two application that got a new name, Huawei Health as Petal Health and Huawei Browser as Petal Browser. Check the description below.

Huawei Health is now Petal Health:

Petal Health has been renamed more for those who use Huawei wearables on other brands, not for Huawei users. Currently, you cannot install the app on Huawei devices because we already have an updated version called Huawei Health. So, this is a universal service.

Huawei Health is now Petal Health

Huawei Browser is now Petal browser:

The Huawei Browser we all know is live on the Play Store as Petal Browser. You know, Google doesn’t like the name “Huawei” anymore. The difference to Huawei Browser is not just the name, Petal Browser does not support Huawei ID login in any way. So this is also a universal application.

The only remaining application is Petal Search, as you know. Petal Search puts the world in the palm of your hand. Search for your favorite phone apps with state-of-the-art technology.

Huawei Browser is now Petal browser


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