Huawei Smart Assistant 13.0 version is now available [HarmonyOS 3]

Huawei HarmonyOS 3 is about to launch for smartphones and ahead of the launch, Huawei has updated its smart assistant application to the latest version 13. Now, it supports the HarmonyOS 3.0 functionality.

The latest update for the smart assistant app is rolling out with version, which brings a number of improvements.

The updated content of Smart Assistant 13.0 is as follows:

1. Added a fixed notification entry, currently supporting notification reminders for commuting road conditions, flights, trains, parking, typhoons, credit card repayments, etc.

2. Optimize the search experience and support search services.

3. Optimize the experience structure, follow, discover, and local three-tab design, the discovery channel supports the listing of FA cards, which can be added to the negative screen and desktop.

4. Optimize the custom layout of cards, 1*2 small cards can be used as independent units, a free layout.

5. Optimize the upstairs experience and only present recently used services and favorite services.

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6. Optimize the experience of using the health code, one click to open the health code, no need to select confirmation.

7. Close the “My Message” entry in the personal center to eliminate the interference of account service messages to you.

8. The search result page adds a global search entry , which can search for comprehensive content such as local content, applications, web pages, and commodities.

According to the official introduction, Smart Assistant (formerly Huawei Smart Assistant) is a personal assistant that is “intellectual” around users, providing users with intimate, accurate, and convenient scene-based services.

Huawei Smart Assistant 13.0 version Huawei Smart Assistant 13.0 version released

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