Huawei smart door lock SE launched with 15 months of battery life

Huawei has officially launched the smart door lock series will build a 1+8+N full-scenario intelligent ecological layout around HarmonyOS and added one more product the smart door lock SE to its portfolio. The price is set for 1099 yuan.

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE supports AI fingerprint unlocking, NFC card unlocking, emergency key unlocking, security password, Huawei mobile phone unlocking, Huawei watch, and other unlocking methods.

The AI ​​fingerprint unlocking time is only 0.5 seconds. The second unlock can learn and improve the user’s fingerprint characteristics.

Smart Door Lock SE

In terms of battery life, Huawei Smart Door Lock SE is powered by 8 AA batteries, and has a long battery life of 15 months.

In terms of security, Huawei Smart Door Lock SE has HarmonyOS financial-level security protection and adopts EAL5 + security authentication chip.


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