Huawei ken Hu: Global 5G users have reached 700 million

According to the official information, during the 2022 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, ken Hu, Huawei’s rotating chairman, delivered a speech on the theme of “5G Leading the Leap”. He pointed out “5G has made good progress in network deployment, consumer business and industrial applications since it was commercialized for three years, and has entered a period of rapid development. 5G has great potential for development but still faces many challenges.

As of October 2022, more than 230 operators around the world have launched 5G commercial services, with more than 3 million 5G sites deployed and 700 million 5G users.

5G has created many new scenarios, new applications, and new models, which have brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of the entire industry. To seize these opportunities, Hu Houkun believes that preparations can be made in three aspects.

Promote the continuous evolution of 5G, and aim to realize the four key characteristics of 5.5G “downlink 10Gbps, uplink 1Gbps, 100 billion connections, and endogenous intelligence” in 2025.


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