Huawei Support App: Use Device Center to Manage Multiple Huawei Devices Easily

Huawei Support App features a device center to manage multiple Huawei devices easily. Mobile phones, tablets, Smart Watches, laptops, you may feel surprised that you have bought so many Huawei devices in recent years. But how to manage them efficiently? Try the new function in Support App – Device Center.

How to add devices to Device Center?

1) Go to Support App, select Me -> My Devices, enter Device Center, Tap + on the top right corner.

Huawei Support App Device Center

2) Scan the barcode on the device or the QR code on the box, the system will automatically identify and fill in its Device SN, Device type and Device name.

Huawei Support App Device Center -2

Manual input is also available. Touch How do I find the SN? you can find the SN of various devices.

3) Tap ADD DEVICE. Now you can manage it in the Device Center and enjoy the convenience.

Huawei Support App Device Center-4

How to check information of all devices?

Tap the device to view its parameters at any time, as well as benefits, warranty, and the status of various services, etc.

Huawei Support App Device Center-3

How to solve common issues by yourself?

What to do with screen color distortion? How to reduce power consumption> Why are photos blurred? Go to Device details, you can easily find a detailed solution in Help.

Huawei Support App Device Center-5

How to get convenient and efficient support?

In the Service center, you only need to show the barcode in Device details to the staff. They will directly register information and quickly deal with your service requirements.

Huawei Support App Device Center-6

Try Device center in Support App, manage all your Huawei devices at one stop.

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