Huawei supports Hubei operators to open 5G network at Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital

Huawei supports Hubei operators to open 5G base station. Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital is a hospital built specifically to combat the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic following the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital.

On January 23, after receiving the notification from the Wuhan City Epidemic Prevention and Emergency Response Headquarters, Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom Wuhan Branch quickly organized a special team of project network planning, survey, design, and construction personnel, and coordinated various materials to rush out Outbreak frontline.

On January 24, the relevant management and leadership team of the operator arrived at the construction site of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, completed the site survey in the morning, determined the construction plan, and completed the 5G base station equipment material claim and removal in the afternoon of the 24th.

On January 25, optical fiber laying, base station antenna erection, and main equipment installation were completed in the morning. Base station commissioning was completed in the afternoon. Business tests and network optimization were performed in the evening. As of the time of publication, Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom’s 5G base stations have been adjusted.

In addition to 5G network construction, Hubei Mobile also increased the capacity of the original 4G network by more than three times to meet the demand for centralized treatment of pneumonia against new coronavirus infections.

Hubei Unicom has newly built 3 5G base stations, expanded 3 4G base stations, and tuned 2 3G base stations. At present, all 3G / 4G / 5G networks have been installed and commissioned. 

It is reported that the three major operators in Hubei have already established and opened a 5G network in Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital. 5G will help Vulcan Mountain Hospital to achieve ultra-high-speed 5G network connections, ensuring high-speed data access, data collection, remote consultation, remote monitoring and other services.

In addition to fully supporting the operator’s 5G network construction, Huawei has established a special protection team consisting of services, research and development, and supply chain to ensure the normal operation of the Hubei Health and Medical Commission video conference system. This system is an important consultation platform for the Hubei Health Commission and the National Health Commission and other provinces ’health commissions during the treatment of new coronavirus.

Pay tribute to all the retrogrades from all walks of life in this epidemic halt!  Huawei will fully protect the mobile and fixed broadband communication networks of operators in Hubei. We are with Wuhan- Company Said.

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