Huawei to release “Continuous ECG Detection” related products soon

As we know that the first China Medical Development Conference was held in Beijing from April 17th to 18th. Xu Wenwei, Director of Huawei and Dean of the Strategic Research Institute, delivered a speech on “Science and Technology Innovation Empowers the Healthy Development of Medicine”.

Xu Wenwei said that the integration of technology and medicine is mainly reflected in the three levels of perception, connection, and intelligence: wearable devices are used to monitor human physiological indicators in real-time, and then the data is uploaded to the cloud through the Internet of Everything, and finally passed Artificial intelligence to analyze. In this process, emerging technologies such as cloud, big data, 5G, and AI have played an important supporting role.

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At the perception layer, through sensors and solutions, the non-invasive and non-inductive continuous detection of blood sugar, blood pressure, and ECG is realized. The most difficult one is the use of wearable devices for continuous ECG detection and for that Huawei will soon release related products.

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