Huawei Watch GT 2: Change the style as needed

If you own the Huawei Watch GT 2 and looking for how to can change the style/Watch Face of your watch in a few seconds. Follow the below simple steps to get it done easily.

The following pre-installed Watch Face are available on Watch GT 2 (46mm & 42mm):

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pre-installed watch face 42mm Huawei Watch GT 2 Pre-installed watch face

  • The Watch Face Store is not available for phones running iOS. To use new clock faces or wallpapers on iPhone, pair and pair the clock with an Android phone. Download and install the desired clock wallpaper and reconnect the clock to your iPhone to use it.
  • Log in to your Huawei account at the Health App.

How to use the Watch Face Store?

1. Make sure the clock is connected to the Health App, then go to the “Watch Faces on Devices” page.
2. Select the desired clock background and press Install. When the installation is complete, the clock will automatically display the new face of the clock.
3. To use the new clock face, tap it, and select “Set as default”.

Watch GT 2 watch faces

4. You can also add five images to Gallery Clock Wallpaper and choose a highly personalized style or layout!

Gallery Clock Wallpaper Watch GT 2


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