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Huawei WeLink to support macOS soon

Huawei WeLink

Huawei Cloud WeLink was launched last year by the Xue Hao, vice president of Huawei Cloud. Huawei Cloud WeLink is derived from Huawei’s digital transformation practice and provides two types of basic services and value-added services. It has three core advantages maintaining neutrality; enabling partners to continue innovation, leading the future of the industry; and creating new solutions.”

Huawei Cloud WeLink can help users to achieve collaborative office at any time, any place, and through various terminal devices ( mobile phones, computers, Pads, electronic whiteboards, etc.).

In the latest poster, Huawei WeLink revealed that in addition to Windows, Android, and iOS clients, WeLink will soon support macOS clients.

Huawei WeLink to support macOS soon

Through the AI ​​work assistant, you can directly reach hundreds of services such as finding people, finding emails, booking travel, and reimbursing expenses in one sentence.

Also, the intelligent meeting room can meet the requirements of multiple terminals to freely realize multiple screen projection methods as per the office uses.

Huawei Cloud WeLink can achieve security protection without relying on hardware. Based on signaling and media encryption algorithms, a unique digital watermark mode can ensure content security and traceability. At the same time, the “security sandbox” technology is used on the user side, and end-side data such as contacts, emails, files, and messages are encrypted by using a secure storage space when needed.

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