Huawei will hold a 5G+AR summit on June 17

Huawei is a leading brand that covers many tech-related products including smartphones, tablets, home appliances, and more. On its portfolio, it has a wide range of products. Huawei 5G may be familiar to everyone, but the company does not seem to have launched an AR product before.

According to China Securities News, Huawei will hold a 5G+AR summit on June 17, when it will jointly discuss 5G+AR layout prospects with global operators, regulatory agencies, partners, media, analysts, and jointly promote 5G+AR.

Huawei had previously built a HUAWEI AR Engine development project overseas and established an AR innovation platform in China to help developers complete the rapid implementation of AR applications.

It is reported that Huawei’s AR innovation platform has a variety of AR open capabilities, including but not limited to AR visual positioning, AR visual navigation, AR SLAM, AR virtual and real integration, and AR remote collaboration capabilities.




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