Huawei won multiple awards at the fourth annual Bloom Cup 5G Application Competition

According to the official information, at the fourth annual “Bloom Cup” 5G Application Competition, the Chinese tech giant Huawei and Chinese carriers won multiple awards for projects that support key sectors, including smart manufacturing and more. Huawei was a participant in 32 projects that received first and second prizes.

Smart grid: Huawei, the Shandong Branch of State Grid Corporation of China, a Chinese carrier, and industry partners collaborated on a project that aimed to scale up 5G applications in smart grids to support efforts toward lowering carbon emissions.

Smart manufacturing: Huawei, Midea, a Chinese carrier, and industry partners joined forces on a project that innovatively leveraged MEC-based 5G integrated positioning technology to support smart warehousing at Midea’s dishwasher factory. In response to the manufacturing sector’s demand for digital and intelligent logistics, this project provided 5G positioning capabilities to enable precise and dynamic logistics operations.

Smart mining: Huawei, Zhunneng Group, a Chinese carrier, and industry partners teamed up on a project aimed at using 5G to support smart mines of Zhunneng Group.

Other award-winning projects in which Huawei was a participant include:

  • 5G + Smart Natural Gas for China Resources Gas Group
  • 5G-Based Digital Factory for Jiangsu Hengtong Optic-Electric
  • Full-Stack, Full-Line 5G-Based Smart Warehousing Solution for New Trend International Logis-Tech Co., Ltd.
  • 5G + 8K Solution for Flexible Smart Factories of Skyworth
  • 5G-Powered Digital Port in Daxie, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
  • BYD’s Integrated Services and Applications that Support Rail Communications Signals over 5G Private Networks

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