Huawei won the second largest 5G order this year

According to the information, China Mobile announced the tender announcement, the much-watched 7.5 billion “China Mobile 2021 4G/5G Converged Core Network Procurement Tender” ended, and Huawei won the first share, which means that Huawei won the second largest 5G order this year.

As per the bid count, in the centralized procurement of China Mobile’s 5G 700MHz main equipment in June this year, Huawei was also number one in a total of 38 billion bids.

Huawei’s bid is not low, totaling 7.487 billion yuan (equipment quotation of 6.406.2 billion yuan, service quotation of 1.082.4 billion yuan), and China Mobile’s previous bid limit for the equipment part was 6.737 billion yuan. The maximum bid limit for the marginal UPF part is 798.7 million yuan, and the total maximum bid limit is about 7.5 billion yuan.

The announcement shows that this bidding project plans to purchase products for the new 4/5G converged core network (AMF/MME, SMF/SAEGW-C, UPF/SAEGW-U (including non-decoupling edge UPF) for companies in 8 regions/31 provinces across the country.

CHF/CG, voice PCF, mobile user data (UDM/UDR) network elements across the country (except 15 cities), strategic control (data PCF/UDR) in 50 cities across the country, and BOSS dual-open PCF/UDR equipment in 30 cities).

New IMS core network (CSCF, VoLTE AS, VoLTE SBC.ENUM/DNS); New virtualization platform (virtualization layer software, SDN system, NFVO+, and system integration).




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