Huawei Xiaoyi In many ways better than iPhone Siri

Huawei has its own voice assistant called Xiaoyi which operates in its smart speaker called the AI Cube and its smartphones in China. The customer who is using this voice assistant in smartphones provided positive feedback and said it is much better than Apple’s iPhone Siri.

Recently, the company has announced the EMUI 10 voice control countdown function. To activate or use it, Users who have upgraded to EMUI 10 can now tell Xiaoyi to count down seconds, minutes or hours. Also, users can now command Xiaoyi to view, stop and continue the countdown.

If you looking to start, you must have EMUI10.0.0.171 or above in your smartphone. To update your device go to the Settings-> System- >Software Update.

Regarding, Huawei Xiaoyi and iPhone Siri, one user shared the difference between both the voice assistant.

Huawei Xiaoyi Vs Apple’s Siri: Watch Video Now!


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