Huawei’s new patent can avoid scanning QR codes that are maliciously replaced

Huawei has recently published a patent for ” Method and Equipment for Two-dimensional Code Processing “, the application number is CN113051542A and the registered date was December 2019.

The patent specification shows that when an electronic device generates a QR code, the electronic device may be attacked by malware, etc., and the QR code that the electronic device needs to display is the QR code generated by the malware. Substitution may cause damage to the user’s security.

The patent abstract shows that this application provides a two-dimensional code processing method and equipment. By comparing the scene information of two electronic devices that need to interact with the QR code, and then verifying the QR code, it can effectively ensure that the QR code scanned during face-to-face scanning is not a QR code that has been maliciously attacked.

Huawei's new patent related to QR code Huawei's new patent related to QR code-1

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