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Health factor is an extremely important factor in our lives it encompasses a wide range of factors, including physical and mental wellbeing, workout habits, transportation, and nutrition.

Now tracking our daily life-related stuff is clear by Huawei, thanks to the new and improved Healthy Living service in Huawei Health, which comes with exciting new features, including customizable health plans, to satisfy your every need.

To get started, open the Huawei Health app, and touch Edit on the home screen to add the Healthy Living card.

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Open the Healthy Living card, select the option that best describes your current status and goals, such as “Gain control of my weight”, and touch NEXT and then CREATE PLAN. Healthy Living will schedule a suitable plan for you.

Once you’ve joined a health plan, you’ll be able to view your achievements and browse tips in Weekly report, to monitor your health in a more comprehensive way.

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