Huawei Mate Xs Preview

Huawei will hold a Huawei Terminal and Strategy Online conference at 21:00 on February 24th. From the previous warm-up poster, Huawei will launch a number of new products this time, including the new folding screen phone Mate Xs.

Huawei Mate Xs will not have much change in appearance. It will still use the eagle-wing outer folding design, there will be no gaps after folding, and it has good integrity.

The previously praised smart split-screen function will also continue, providing a more convenient and efficient operating experience.

Huawei Mate Xs will have a better folding experience and better durability. And its screen ratio will be even higher, it should be further narrowed the bezel, the overall size of the fuselage is also expected to be further reduced. The flexible OLED display of Huawei Mate Xs is still provided by BOE. The screen size will not increase further so we can see 8-inch large screen.

In terms of cameras, Huawei Mate Xs should still continue the previous ultra-sensitive four-camera, and its clever design allows the phone to rely on a set of cameras to achieve the problem of front and rear photos.

Huawei Mate Xs is expected to align with the Mate 30 Pro. It uses a rear 40MP + 40MP + 8MP camera. After all, it is a top flagship.

Huawei Mate X was officially released near the end of the year, due to the earlier release, it was equipped with a combination of Kirin 980 processor and Baron 5000. This year’s Mate Xs will inevitably be upgraded to the latest Kirin 990 5G processor, which supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networking.

In addition, last year’s Mate X provided 8GB of memory and 512GB of storage, and this year is also expected to upgrade to a combination of 12GB + 512GB.

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