May 1 travel essential! Huawei Mate 20 series “three-piece” to create a full scene of smart life

For the office workers, the biggest surprise of this year is the return of the May Day “small holiday”. From the original day of the May Day break, it is now adjusted for a four-day break from May 1st to 4th. After the announcement of the news, the online ticket search volume suddenly increased.

According to the third-party data, the search volume of the May 1 flagship international airline ticket has increased by 10 times. It can be seen that happiness has come too suddenly. Everyone has been ready to liberate themselves because they can’t help but let go.

Technology has changed life. Before going out in the past few years, I need to do my homework early and prepare for the strategy. Nowadays, smart phones and related smart devices, with more and more powerful wisdom experience, have brought great convenience to our holiday travels. “The world” is no longer a dream, and the assistance of the wearable smart terminal has made the travel convenience a new level.

In the combination of smart phones and smart terminals, Huawei has made great achievements in the first place of domestic mobile phones. With the smart phone as the center, smart scenes and wireless headphones are connected to each other.

Among them, Huawei Mate 20 series, Huawei WATCH GT, Freebuds 2 Pro “three-piece” combination is the most classic: from Huawei Mate 20 series of scene intelligence (travel assistant), long battery life, full scene, to Huawei WATCH GT Real-time monitoring of heart rate, exercise data, monitoring sleep data, bus card swiping, answering calls through eSIM card, and then waking up the phone to the phoneprint of Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro headset, opening the payment interface and other features, each easy to use, can be described as five A must-have weapon for travel.

In recent years, Huawei has been moving forward on the road of smart experience. In addition to the first AI artificial intelligence chip Kirin 980, Huawei EMUI also provides many humanized intelligent functions, while the one-screen “scenario intelligence – travel assistant” It is a model of a new interactive experience.

Its core lies in the wisdom perception ability, which can intelligently perceive the user to arrive at the tourist attraction, and automatically recommend the Raiders, voice guides and scenic spots of the corresponding scenic spots on the negative screen, eliminating the trouble for the users to find one by one, without installing Apps, you can enjoy a range of third-party services.

More user-friendly, when you leave the scenic area, you don’t need to manually close it. The Travel Assistant will automatically stop the service and will not consume too much system resources.

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