Nokia is now moved ahead of Huawei in 5G contract

Nokia has attracted increased interest in its next-generation telecoms equipment in recent weeks, helping it to move ahead of Chinese rival Huawei in total 5G orders, one of the Finnish company’s directors said.

Although Huawei is the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer with a market share of 28% , far ahead of other companies, Huawei’s troubles have given other telecom equipment manufacturers the opportunity to surpass Huawei. Foreign media reported that Nokia executive Federico Guillen said that Nokia’s 5G is attracting more customers’ interest and helping Nokia to lead in China’s competitor Huawei’s 5G competition.

According to Nokia’s statement, they are on a global scale has gained 42 Ge 5G contract, Huawei’s leading 40 contracts, as well as Ericsson’s 19 contracts, the latter 5G contract has 8 Ge have begun to take effect.

Federico Guillen said that more and more customers want Nokia to equip their next-generation core network, either to provide dual backup for sensitive core networks or to directly replace existing suppliers.

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